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Vertical Hammer Crusher

Vertical Hammer Crusher

Vertical hammer crusher is composed of motor, shaft, hammer, machine body, turnplate, hydraulic system, control box, etc

  • Series: HNVC
  • Capacity: 2-10 T/H
  • Voltage: Customized
  • Blade Material: H13,SKD-11,D2,DC53 (Optional)
  • Service: 12 Months
  • Certification: CE ISO
Product Description

Vertical hammer crusher is mainly used in the fields of scrap metal recycling, to clean out the different materials on metal surface and separate different metals out for further processing.

Hammers will crush materials into the crushing chamber between hob plate and wear resistant lining plate. Through the hob grinding, metal surface will be clean and different materials are separated out. Then materials get into discharge hopper through the clearance of hob plate and machine body, and discharged finally. The final metal particle is easy to transport, reduce transportation and storage cost.

Vertical hammer crusher Features

1). High strength welding casing;

2). Vertical opposite casing, easy to maintain;

3). High tenacity wear resistant steel casting hammer, hob and lining plate, easy change and long service life;

4). High usage coefficient bearing, reduce bearing failure caused by improper operation;

5). The output size can adjust;

6). Independent electrical control box, PLC control.

Technical Parameters
Motor Power
Hydraulic Station Power
Rotation Speed
Moving Blade
Dimension L/W/H
75-200 Kw
1.5 Kw
500-900 RPM
2-36 PCS
2-36 PCS
3000*3200*3500 mm
75-200 Kw
2.25 Kw
500-900 RPM
2-36 PCS
2-36 PCS
3300*3500*4000 mm
75-200 Kw
2.25 Kw
500-900 RPM
2-36 PCS
2-36 PCS
4300*3800*4500 mm
75-200 Kw
2.25 Kw
500-900 RPM
2-36 PCS
2-36 PCS
5000*4100*5000 mm
Product Application
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