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Vertical Metal Briquetting Press Machine

Vertical Metal Briquetting Press Machine

Vertical metal briquetting press machine is suitable for briquetting of various powders and scraps, such as iron powder, particle steel, refined iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, etc.

  • Series: HNVP
  • Capacity: 3-5 Block/Min
  • Voltage: Customized
  • Blade Material: H13,SKD-11,D2,DC53 (Optional)
  • Service: 12 Months
  • Certification: CE ISO
Product Description

Vertical metal briquetting machine can be used to press metal powder into metal blocks, the pressed metal blocks can reduce the transportation and smelting costs, and can also improve the furnace throwing speed.

Vertical metal briquetting machine Features

1). The machine uses standard materials, through product testing;

2). There are no loss material loss after the process;

3). Vertical metal briquetting machine is easy to operate, saving labor.

Technical Parameters
Motor Power
Main Cyl.Force
Bale Weight
15 Kw
1226 Ton
1.8-2.2 Kg
3 Block/Min
18.5 Kw
2009 Ton
2.5-3.2 Kg
5 Block/Min
30 Kw
3140 Ton
3-5.5 Kg
5 Block/Min
37 Kw
3974 Ton
5-8 Kg
5 Block/Min
30*2 Kw
5306 Ton
10-15 Kg
4 Block/Min
45*2 Kw
7065 Ton
32-45 Kg
3 Block/Min
Product Application
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