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Waste Wood Shredder

Waste Wood Shredder

Waste wood shredder consists of motors, gearboxes, feed hopper, shredder blades, shafts, lower racks, control box, etc. The number of the blades or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

  • Series: HNDW
  • Capacity: 5-60 T/H
  • Voltage: Customized
  • Blade Material: H13,SKD-11,D2,DC53 (Optional)
  • Service: 12 Months
  • Certification: CE ISO
Product Description

Waste wood is a valuable resource available in large quantities. Based on the quality grades, the waste wood can be used for material recycling or energy production. In today’s world, the importance of waste wood recycling is increasing due to rising cost of waste material disposal and environmental concerns. Recycled waste wood is used for the production of chipboard, preparation of wood-based materials, briquette making and as high-grade fuel in biomass based thermal power stations.

Waste wood shredder is effective solution for high capacity primary processing of mixed wood for wood recycling and for size reduction of bulky woody materials. Our wood shredder, with low operation and maintenance costs, is widely used in processing any kinds of waste wood, like round wood, wood pallet, saw dust chipboard, plywood, waste wood furniture, etc.

Waste wood shredder Features:

1). Wood shredder is easy to operate and easy to maintain;

2). Wood shredder has a low speed, high torque, low noise, compact design;

3). Wood shredder with a special material, long life, high utilization rate; knives can be exchanged easily and quickly;

4).  In case the wood shredder is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward automatically to prevent overfeeding and protect against damage from foreign objects.

Technical Parameters
Motor Power
Rotation Speed
Blade Quantity
Blade Diameter
Input Opening Size
Dimension L/W/H
30*2 Kw
18-20 r/min
5-10 T/H
Φ360 mm
1200*1000 mm
3000*2000*1900 mm
5 T
37*2 Kw
18-20 r/min
6-15 T/H
Φ372 mm
1400*1000 mm
3200*2000*1900 mm
6 T
45*2 Kw
14-16 r/min
8-18 T/H
Φ530 mm
2000*2000 mm
4000*1700*2400 mm
12 T
90*2 Kw
14-16 r/min
10-25 T/H
Φ560 mm
2300*2000 mm
8000*2500*2400 mm
15 T
160*2 Kw
16-18 r/min
25-60 T/H
Φ720 mm
2425*1400 mm
8200*4000*4300 mm
36 T
Product Application
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