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Double Rolls Shredder

Double Rolls Shredder

Double rolls shredder adopts double film shaft design that rotate at a medium speed, low noise and high efficiency without pusher. It adopts microcomputer control system with function of start, stop, automatic reversal to protect itself.

  • Series: HNDR
  • Capacity: 1-10 T/H
  • Voltage: Customized
  • Blade Material: H13,SKD-11,D2,DC53 (Optional)
  • Service: 12 Months
  • Certification: CE ISO
Product Description

Double rolls shredder is widely used in crushing plastic film, woven bag, ton bags, tanneries leftover material, non-woven fabrics, greenhouse film, fishing nets, scrap fabric pieces, etc. The unique design of cutter shaft avoids the phenomenon of winding shaft when crushing film.

Double rolls shredder Feature:

1). Special double shaft design without pusher improve the efficiency greatly; Special design for soft material avoids the phenomenon of winding shaft;

2). According to different materials, different knife seats to choose: welded type, detachable type and integrated type blade base

3). The moving blade has 4 cutting edges to use; quick change screens for accurate output particle size control;

4). Twin speed hydraulics with integrated air cooler. Standalone electrical control panel with Siemens PLC control system.

Technical Parameters
Motor Power
Rotor Blades
Fixed Blades
Blade Material
Rotor Speed
Rotor Diameter
Cutting Chamber
Dimension L/W/H
37+37 Kw
39+39 pcs
8 pcs
75 rpm
400 mm
800*1000 mm
4000*1300*2200 mm
5000 Kg
45+45 Kw
44+44 pcs
8 pcs
75 rpm
400 mm
1000*1200 mm
4300*1500*2300 mm
6000 Kg
55+55 Kw
56+56 pcs
8 pcs
75 rpm
400 mm
1200*1400 mm
4500*1600*2400 mm
8500 Kg
75+75 Kw
76+76 pcs
12 pcs
75 rpm
400 mm
1500*1800 mm
5000*1700*2450 mm
10000 Kg
110+110 Kw
86+86 pcs
12 pcs
75 rpm
500 mm
1800*2000 mm
5500*1800*2450 mm
12800 Kg
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