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Double shaft shredder
Double Shaft Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder machine
Double Shaft shredder machine

Double shaft shredder machine is the preprocessing equipment, the pre-sorted material to be chopped is fed into the two shafts whose rotors are moving slowly in opposite directions (therefore dust and noise free). The cutting discs are plugged on the shaft. This double shaft shredder machine is designed for longevity; The number of the knives or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

  • Double Shaft shredder machine
  • Double Shaft shredder machine
Main Machines
Working Principle

Working process of two shaft shredder is controlled by an intelligent and innovative PLC. In case the industrial shredder machine is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward (return overload behaviour and reverse running to prevent overfeeding and protect against damage from foreign objects). The precisely serrated fixed knives make sure the material is shredded with a minimum of power. The fastened wiper element helps to avoid multiple turn coiling and raising of the material to be chopped.

  • Double Shaft shredder machine

    Feed the material to the rotor which is setted a appropriate rotarty speed.

  • Double Shaft shredder machine

    The material is shredder machineed by the rotor teeth.

  • Double Shaft shredder machine

    Continued shredding and maximize the capacity.


Double shaft shredder machine (also known as two shaft shredder) is suitable for all sorts of industrial waste, metal sheet and plastic waste, production waste, binder, paper and cardboard boxes, electronic scrap, electric cables, metal sheet, food, food remains, biogenic waste, wood, glass, plastic waste, various containers for liquids, scrap clothes, leathers, shoes, fishing net, etc.

Machine Features
  • Double Shaft shredder machine
  • Double Shaft shredder machine
  • Double Shaft shredder machine
  • Double Shaft shredder machine
Customer Cases

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