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Four Shaft Shredder
Four Shaft Shredder
Four Shaft Shredder machine
Four Shaft shredder machine

Four-shaft shredder machine is used for processing all kinds of solid waste with the working principle of shearing, tearing, extrusion of cutters. Materials can be shredded to small pieces (30-100 mm) one-time with low-speed rotating, big torque design and with stable operation.The number of the knives or their width respectively determines the size of the output material.

  • Four Shaft shredder machine
  • Four Shaft shredder machine
The Photos of Four Shaft Shredder

Four-shaft fine shredder provides greater shearing force than two-shaft shredder, it can handle all kinds of toughness, ductility of waste materials and obtain consistent shape and size.

  • Four-shaft shredder machine
  • Four-shaft shredder machine
  • Four-shaft shredder machine

1. Electronic scrap: processing of CPUs, monitors, mobile devices.

2. Waste treatment and disposition: disfigurement and destruction of biological and pharmaceutical products.

3. Tires: cars, trucks, agricultural and "offroad" OTR.

4. Plastics: sludge, films, injected, blown, loose or compacted.

5. Wood waste: pallets and packaging.

6. Paper and confidential documents: documents, folders, archives, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, etc.

7. Textiles: carpets, fabrics, clothes, foams.

Working Principle

Hydraulic motors drives the knife shaft rotates, the upper knife shaft matches and the lower knife shaft can make primarily shredding to material and with feeding function together. The lower knife shafts can make secondary shredding. The final product size is determined by the knife thickness and screen mesh size. The final product size can be adjusted by changing the screen mesh.

  • Cutting shafts

    Cutting shafts

  • Infeed hopper

    Infeed hopper

  • Screen


Technical Parameter
Motor Power
Main Blade Thickness
Main Blade
Main Shaft Rev
Screen Mesh
Cutting Chamber
Dimension L/W/H
2×11 Kw
18.5 mm
42 pcs
16-25 rpm
φ25 mm
800*800 mm
2180*1200*2065 mm
2 T
2×18.5 Kw
40 mm
26 pcs
16-25 rpm
φ40 mm
1000*1000 mm
2610*1400*2730 mm
5.5 T
2×22 Kw
40 mm
31 pcs
16-25 rpm
φ40 mm
1000*1200 mm
2810*1400*2730 mm
6 T
2×15+2×22 Kw
50 mm
20 pcs
10-15 rpm
φ60 mm
1300*1000 mm
3200*1650*2930 mm
11.5 T
2×30+2×45 Kw
50 mm
32 pcs
10-15 rpm
φ60 mm
1600*1600 mm
4360*2200*3630 mm
18 T

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