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Incorrect operations will accelerate the blade wear speed of double shaft shredder​

2023-05-23 16:32:18 By Henan Honest

The blade of the double shaft shredder is the soul of the whole equipment. If it is not operated properly, the blade is very easy to wear and damage, shortening the service life of the blade and reducing production efficiency. So what incorrect operations will accelerate the blade wear speed of the double shaft shredder?

1. Improper heat treatment on the surface of the equipment, because the hammer head is made of alloy steel, the head is carburized and quenched, and the quenching hardness is HRC60~65. Grasp the strength of the treatment and minimize the occurrence of heat treatment errors.

2. The blade thickness of the equipment is small, and the rectangular double-pin-hole hammer head is commonly used. Its service life is 200-500 hours. Although the thickness is small, it can reduce the weight and improve the shredding productivity, but the life is short. Generally, multi-functional The hammer of the shredder is 2~3mm, and the shredding of other hard materials is 6~8mm. It can be seen that the hammer head with a smaller thickness is more suitable for the production of the double-shaft shredder.

3. The air suction volume is too large. The equipment generally adopts air suction method to reduce the temperature and humidity inside the machine and prevent dust from leaking out. However, if the air suction volume is too large, it will cause uneven wear of the hammer head. The air volume should be properly controlled.

4. The gap between the hammer head and the sieve should not be too small, generally guaranteed to be 4~12mm, and the hard material is 10~14mm.

The reason for the serious wear of the shredder blade is basically that the hammer head does not match the shredded material. If it is changed in advance, the serious wear will reduce or disappear after matching.

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